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Date: 2019-04-20
Categories: cpp


TBSG - is a cross platform multiplayer turn based card game framework with extensive NodeJS tooling. Developed with a team of 9 students within 8 weeks. The main focus of this framework lays on providing a simplistic data friendly pipeline which enables Designers quickly to develop a linear, scriptable multiplayer turn based card game. The supportive toolset is written in NodeJS which allowed for quick and rapid development of designer friendly tooling. Our toolset works in combination with Google Sheets which enables Content Creators an easy way to collaborate when creating for example Cards. Due the project requirements the projects is able run on PlayStaion 4 as well as on PC.



  • 9 Programmers


  • 8 Weeks


  • Team Lead

  • Engine and Tool Programmer


  • Custom Engine - C++

  • Tools - NodeJS

  • Scriptlanguage - Lua


  • Design and Implementing the core Architecture

  • Design and Concept the first prototype of the Tooling pipeline

  • Implement ThreeJS into our tooling

  • Sprint managment and team managment

  • Vision Holder


  • Cross-platform renderer and shaders (PC/PS4)

  • Multiplayer Crossplay PC & PS4

  • Server Client

  • Scripting language - Functional Programming Lua Dialect

  • GLTF is the main Scene / Model format