Eyos (In Development)

A multiplayer RTS game written in C++ with data oriented design in mind. A learning project to challange my network programming skills. [more...](/project/eyos/)

Seaplane (In Development)

Seaplane is an open world exploration flight game. Utelizing the new Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS). Set in the Scottish Hebrides. [more...](/project/seaplane/)

Custom Card Game Engine

A multiplayer crossplatfrom c++ card game engine developed in 16 weeks. [more...](/project/tbsg/)

Matze (In Development)

A cross platform matze generator toolchain written in C# and C++ to practice API design. [more...](/project/matze/)

Mars Escape

A wave based shooter prototype created in 2 weeks, created in Unreal Engine 4. [more...](/project/mars-escape/)