Custom Card Game Engine

A Custom C++ crossplatform network card game engine

A multiplayer crossplatfrom c++ card game engine developed in 16 weeks.

The tomorrow engine is a cross platform C++ game framework which allows the creation of deterministic linear card games. Besides being the Tech lead / Team lead of the 11 programmers, I have been in charge for the core architecture. Besides this I have been responsible for implementing and designing the extensive tooling and pipeline for content creation, content management. The tooling was created in web technologies (electron & SQL Database), this allowed us for quick and rapid iterations. The game we created with this was called Raptoads.

Project Information
Duration: 16 Weeks
Teamsize: 11 Programmers, 5 Designers, 8 Artists and 1 Producer
Roles: Tech Lead, Tools programmer, Scrum Master
Engine: Custom crossplatform C++ Engine with Electron Tooling (Tomorrow Engine)
Platform: Windows, Playstation 4
Languages: C++, JavaScript, Lua, SQL
Technologies: Lua Scripting, Online Crossplay Multiplayer, Event/HTTP/UI handling with PS4 Support.
Project Highlights
Scripting Pipeline: A Lua dialect which allowed designers to quickly develop with our tooling the card behaviour.
Scripting source control integration - via the tooling
Google Drive integration & Sheets
Utility AI - custimizeble via the tooling
Custom Tooling written with Web technologies for quick iterations, tool of choice: Electron & MariaDB
Playstation 4 Support: The engine supported Playstation 4
Simon Renger
Engine and Tools programming Student

Write programs that do one thing and do it well. Write programs to work together — McIlroy Unix philosophy