Eyos (In Development)

A multiplayer RTS game written in C++ with data oriented design in mind. A learning project to deppen my C++ knowlegde and my network programming skills.

Eyos is a cross platform (Windows and Linux) targeting 2D multiplayer RTS focused on managing a massive amount of units. I see this project as a chance to enhance and challenge my network programming skills as well as my software engineering skills. The development of this project is open and can be found on github. (GitHub).

Project Information
Type: Networking RTS
Duration: Decemeber 2019 - Ongoing Development
Teamsize: 3 Programmers
Roles: Engine & Network programmer
Engine: Eyos Custom Game Framework
Platform: Windows & Linux
Languages: C++
Technologies: cmake, clang & msvc, git, bgfx
Simon Renger
Engine and Tools programming Student

Write programs that do one thing and do it well. Write programs to work together — McIlroy Unix philosophy