Simon Renger

Engine and Tools programming Master Student

Breda University of Applied Sciences

About me

I am Simon, a Game Programming master student as well as a contractor.

I am striving for new opportunities to learn and innovate. I love my work as much as I love sharing knowledge with others. I do not shy away from a challenge that involves picking up different roles that move a project forward. I am mainly interested in tools design as well as QA Engineering.

I am always looking for new opportunities to work on as contractor. Just shoot me an e-mail.


  • UI / UX Tools Programming
  • QA (CI/CD) Engineering
  • Teaching C++
  • Community Coordination


  • Master Game Technology, 2022

    Breda University of Applied Sciences

  • B.S. - Creative Media and Game Technologies, 2021

    Breda University of Applied Sciences


Internship at OurMachinery

At OurMachinery I have been working on The Machinery a new lightweight modular Game Engine. My role was Tools Engineer and QA Engineer more information

Quick Facts

Main Focus:Tool UX Improvements: VSL Debugger, QA Improvements
DurationDecemeber 2019 - Ongoing Development
RolesQA Engineer, Tools Engineer
EngineThe Machinery

Kari (Published)

Kari is a single player, adventure game in which you are stuck on the island of the Nordic gods. more information

Quick Facts

Main Focus:Build & Test pipeline as well as Commit Testing tool (C# WPF)
DurationJanuary 2020 - July 2020
RolesQA & Tools engineer
EngineUnreal engine
Team6 programmers, 10 designers, 12 artists, 1 producer

Skye (Published)

Skye is an open world exploration flight game. Utilizing the new Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS). Set in the Scottish Hebrides. more information

Quick Facts

Main Focus:General Gameplay programming & DOTS Tooling: VS Extension
DurationSeptember 2019 - January 2020
RolesTools programmer
EngineUnity & DOTS HPC#
Team9 Programmers, 12 Designers, 8 Artists and 1 Producer

“Tomorrow Engine“

A multiplayer crossplatfrom c++ determinstic linear card game engine developed in 16 weeks. Targeted for Playstation 4 and Windows 10 more information

Quick Facts

Main Focus:Core Architecture Design, Framework Tooling in Electron: Content Editor
Duration16 Weeks - February to July 2019
RolesTech Lead, Tools programmer, Scrum Master
EngineCustom cross-platform C++ Engine (Windows and PS4) with Electron Tooling (Tomorrow Engine)
Team1 Programmers, 5 Designers, 8 Artists and 1 Producer


Besides being a student I am giving lectures and workshops at university about serveral programming related topics: Memory Management, C# for Design an art and organizing the C++ learning community. How to programmer think? more information

Quick Facts

DurationSeptember 2017 - Present
RolesC++ or Programming Teaching and Mentoring: Workshops and lectures

Selected Skills

Windows Development

10 years

Linux Development

8 years

Playstation Development

1 year


6 years


5 years


5 years


1 years

Unreal Engine 4

3 years


2 years


5 years


5 years


2 years

Programming Languages

PHP (Version 5.0 - 7.1)7 years
SQL7 years
C++ 11-206 years
C#5 years
JavaScript5 years
C 112 years
Python2 year
Java1 year


Perforce3 years
git3 years
GitHub3 year
GitHub Actions2 year
Jira2 years
Jenkins1 year
Doxygen1 year
Mantis1 year


Windows10 years
OpenSUSE Linux8 years
Ubuntu Linux5 years
Debian Linux3 years
Raspberry pi1 year
Playstation1 year

Other Languages

HTML7 years
CSS7 years
JSON4 years
YAML4 years
toml2 years


Imposter Effect Lightning Talk Meetingcpp 2019

A lightning talk about the imposter effect.


Investigation into the criteria of embeddability of visual scripting languages within the domain of game development.

This paper investigates potential criteria to identify visual scripting languages as embeddable within the domain of game development. …