Simon Renger

Engine and Tools / Network programming Student

Breda University of Applied Sciences

About me

I am Simon, a Game Programming student at Breda University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands. I am striving for new opportunities to learn and innovate. I love my work as much as I love sharing knowledge with others. I do not shy away from a challenge that involves picking up different roles that move a project forward. I am mainly interested in backend system design as well as tool programming. I am striving towards becoming an engine and tools / network programmer in the future.


  • Network programming
  • Tools programming
  • Teaching C++



Kari is a single player, adventure game in which you are stuck on the island of the Nordic gods. more information

Quick Facts

Main Focus: Build & Test pipeline as well as Commit Testing tool (C# WPF)
Duration January 2020 - July 2020
Roles QA & Tools engineer
Engine Unreal engine
Team 6 programmers, 10 designers, 12 artists, 1 producer

Eyos (In Development)

A RTS game written in C++ with data oriented design in mind. A learning project to challange C++ programming skills. more information

Quick Facts

Main Focus: Software Design & Test pipeline
Duration Decemeber 2019 - Ongoing Development
Roles QA Engineer, Engine programmer
Engine Eyos Custom Game Framework (C++)
Team 3 Programmers

Eyos NetLib (In Development)

A RTS network framework written in C++. A learning project to deepen my C++ and Network programming knowlegde. more information

Quick Facts

Main Focus: Network Programming
Duration May 2020 - Ongoing Development
Roles Author
Engine UDP Based Network Framework. ENet as foundation
Team 1 Programmer


SKYE is an open world exploration flight game. Set in the Scottish Hebrides. more information

Quick Facts

Main Focus: QA Engineer, General Gameplay programming & DOTS Tooling: VS Extension
Duration September 2019 - January 2020
Roles Tools programmer
Engine Unreal Engine / Unity DOTS
Team 9 Programmers, 12 Designers, 8 Artists and 1 Producer

“Tomorrow Engine“

A multiplayer crossplatfrom c++ determinstic linear card game engine developed in 16 weeks. Targeted for Playstation 4 and Windows 10 more information

Quick Facts

Main Focus: Core Architecture Design, Framework Tooling in Electron: Content Editor
Duration 16 Weeks - February to July 2019
Roles Tech Lead, Tools programmer, Scrum Master
Engine Custom cross-platform C++ Engine (Windows and PS4) with Electron Tooling (Tomorrow Engine)
Team 1 Programmers, 5 Designers, 8 Artists and 1 Producer


Besides being a student I am giving lectures and workshops at university about serveral programming related topics: Memory Management, C# for Design an art and organizing the C++ learning community. How to programmer think? more information

Quick Facts

Duration September 2017 - Present
Roles C++ or Programming Teaching and Mentoring: Workshops and lectures

Mars Escape

A wave based shooter prototype created in 2 weeks, created in Unreal Engine 4. more information

Quick Facts

Main Focus: Production
Duration 2 Weeks
Roles Producer and Programmer
Engine Unreal Engine
Team 2 Programmers, 4 Designers, 3 Artists

Selected Skills

Windows Development

10 years

Linux Development

8 years

Playstation Development

1 year


4 years


3 years


5 years


1 years

Unreal Engine 4

3 years


2 years


3 years


3 years


2 years

Programming Languages

Skill Timeframe
PHP (Version 5.0 - 7.1) 7 years
SQL 7 years
C++ 11-20 4 years
C# 4 years
JavaScript 3 years
Java 1 year
Python 1 year


Skill Timeframe
Perforce 3 years
git 3 years
Jira 2 years
Jenkins 1 year
Doxygen 1 year
Mantis 1 year


Skill Timeframe
Windows 10 years
OpenSUSE Linux 8 years
Ubuntu Linux 5 years
Debian Linux 3 years
Raspberry pi 1 year
Playstation 1 year

Other Languages

Skill Timeframe
HTML 7 years
CSS 7 years
JSON 4 years
YAML 4 years
toml 2 years


Imposter Effect Lightning Talk Meetingcpp 2019

A lightning talk about the imposter effect.