Internship at OurMachinery

At [OurMachinery]( I have been working on The Machinery a new lightweight modular Game Engine. My role was Tools Engineer and QA Engineer [more information](/project/themachinery/)

Kari (Published)

Kari is a single player, adventure game in which you are stuck on the island of the Nordic gods. [more information](/project/kari/)

Skye (Published)

Skye is an open world exploration flight game. Utilizing the new Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS). Set in the Scottish Hebrides. [more information](/project/seaplane/)

“Tomorrow Engine“

A multiplayer crossplatfrom c++ determinstic linear card game engine developed in 16 weeks. Targeted for Playstation 4 and Windows 10 [more information](/project/tbsg/)


Besides being a student I am giving lectures and workshops at university about serveral programming related topics: Memory Management, C# for Design an art and organizing the C++ learning community. How to programmer think? [more information](/project/tutoring/)