Teaching C++, C# and other skills to fellow students by giving lectures & workshops

How do programmer think lecture? Using Minecraft.

I have been giving workshops and lectures since my second year at the university. This is a great way of learning new skills and sharing the gained knowlegde with others. It also allows for a great flow of feedback. This is why I initiated the C++ learning comminity at our school (called C++ Guild)

In the last two years I have been giving various lectures and workshops on the following topics:

Lecture / WorkshopDescription
How do programmers think?A lecture which uses minecraft to illustrate how abstract thinking works as well as how we can improve communication internally.
C++ type deductionIn three workshops I have covered the basics of the C++ type deduction: template type deduction, auto type deduction, decltype deduction, decltype auto deduction, lambda type deduction.
C++ Compiler and linker stepsThis presentation explained the compiler steps in C++ and the linker steps.
Allocators are handles to the heapThis workshop introduced the concept of polymorphic memory allocations in C++17 and how to use them as well as how to implement them in C++14. Besides, there was a brief introduction on Memory Management.
C++ special member function rulesIn this talk I covered the special member function rules in C++.
C# for designers and artistsThis is a workshop series of 16 weeks in which me and 2 other students taught C# to fellow Design and Art students. We ran this course in year 2 and also in year 3. We iterated on the idea and changed the concept to a Quest-based learning environment. This allows students to progress at their own pace because they have an overview on how they progress.
C++ Memory Managment: IntroductionIn two parts I introduced Memory Managment in C++ and the underlying concepts.
C++ Memory Managment: Write your own STL compatible allocatorThis workshop explained how to implement in C++ 14 an STL compatible polymorphic like allocator and memory resource environment. This workshop was targeted for Windows and Playstation 4 and was held in 4 parts.
Simon Renger
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