Internship at OurMachinery

Working as Tools Engineer and QA Engineer

The Machinery is a lightweight hackable modern game engine, written in plain C.Written in plain C. Boots instantly. Responsive UI. Recompiles in seconds. Supports hot reloading everywhere. Made to be hacked. Extend or modify with plugins. The flexibility of a custom engine with the convenience of a ready-made one.Maximum performance. Fiber-based job system. Modern rendering architecture.

My main responsibilities

Tools Engineering

During my internship I have been in charge for multiple improvements of the UX of the Editor. I have introduced different views to the Asset Browser, which are modeled after the Windows Explorer: Grid, List, Detail View. Besides, I have introduced the concept of asset labels, which allows for quick grouping assets together with labels. Also the user can filter with those labels assets.

The bigger tasks was to introduce a Debugger to our Visual Scripting language. This was were most of my time went. I introduced breakpoints, flow visualization, step through and a watch value functionality.

QA Engineering

I am working with GitHub Actions. It verifies that our engine can be built on Windows (msvc and clang-cl) and Linux (our test environment is Ubuntu) with the clang tool chain. Besides I have been adding functionality of integration tests to the CI system on the server, Integration tests and unit tests are running side by side in specific intervals (Unit tests every commit or PR)

Simon Renger
Engine and Tools programming Master Student

Write programs that do one thing and do it well. Write programs to work together — McIlroy Unix philosophy