Kari (Published)

Kari is a single player, adventure game in which you are stuck on the island of the Nordic gods.

Kari is a single player, adventure game in which you are stuck on the island of the Nordic gods. It is your job to complete quests given by the gods and the islands inhabitants in order to rebuild your boat.

Game teaser, basic game overview

My main responsibilities

I am mainly responsible for the QA pipeline and the Jenkins set up. I created a Jenkins Utility library. This Jenkins groovy script collection helps us create the QA pipeline we want on the school’s Jenkins server. The library contains a collection of functions to communicate with Helix Swarm, Mantis and Discord. It supports the automated testing pipeline in Unreal Engine. Furthermore, it can pack and build UE4 projects.

Besides, I have created a prototype of a Commit Testing Tool in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and Material Design for WPF.

P4CommitTester - prototype

The purpose of this tool is it to test local or online Perforce changelists before they can be submitted or turned into a Swarm review. The tool has a simple toml configuration file in which the automated tests can be specified (e.g. unit tests, map tests/ funcionality tests).

One can also define pre/post steps. They will be executed before the actual tests run e.g. shelve all other changelists. This set up makes it possible for the tool to work with any kind of engine or software. When tests are finished, the tool will check the return code of the application and react appropriately (most test applications return EXIT_FAILURE on failure).

Currently, the tool can only communicate with the Jenkins API to run online tests / builds.


Changelist Overview
commit selection
List of all possible changelists. The default changelist is excluded because it is not really a changelist.
Selected Changelist Details
commit selection
You can shelve (if it is a shelved changelist), unshelve and test the current changelist.
Test configuration
configure tests
Toml file to configure the tool to run tests.
Test Results
configure tests
In case the tests were ok the user can create a review or commit directly. If they were not successful the user would find the log here.

Project Overview

Project Information
Type:Single player, adventure game
Duration:September 2019 - Ongoing Development
Teamsize:6 programmers, 10 designers, 12 artists, 1 producer
Roles:QA & Tools engineer
Engine:Unreal Engine
Languages:C++, Jenkins Groovy, C#
Technologies:Jenkins, Visual Studio, C# UWP, C# WPF
Simon Renger
Engine and Tools programming Master Student

Write programs that do one thing and do it well. Write programs to work together — McIlroy Unix philosophy